Natural paste NOTEO - Package

2,70 лв.
  • Brand: NOTEO
  • Cat No: N-001

NOTEO's natural sunflower butter is made entirely from baked sunflower seeds (peeled). Since it does not contain allergens like peanut butter, it is very suitable for children and people with nut and gluten intolerance. Noteo's sunflower butter has the following characteristics:

  • Allergen-free
  • Rich in fibre and vitamins
  • Rich in healthy fats and magnesium
  • Great natural sunflower taste

Our sunflower butter is suitable for consumption on its own or as an addition to smoothies, shakes, biscuits and cake toppings. It is also a perfect addition to toast or snacks.




Roasted sunflower seeds (peeled), salt, peppermint oil / orange and chocolate pieces / garlic oil / paprika oil


Only Bulgarian raw materials are used to produce this product.