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"AGROS" Ltd. is a leading company in trading of plant protection products, seeds and fertilizers with farmers. After a year 1999 were developed and another directions of company activity, in particular:

- supply with garden machinery and tools;


- trade with agricultural production;

In this connection "AGROS" Ltd. build a brand new, modern grain-store at the city of Suvorovo, with capacity of 8 000 MT and  concomitant with grain-cleaned machinery and dry house.


Trade activity of company is realized through modern trade objects at Zavet City and Valchi dol City. At the city of Valchi dol, company have a big warehouse that is used as a central warehouse for North-East part of Bulgaria by "Sumi Agro". It is ready a prodject for a third trade object, that will be build as soon as possible at the City of Varna.

Grain-store at the city of Suvorovo                                               Agromarket "AGROS" at the city of Valchi dol

Agromarket "AGROS" at the city of Zavet

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